Albert Kraemer, Bison

‘Wisentstier’ (‘Bison’)A sculpture of the bison was displayed in the Great German Art Exhibition in 1938, in room 6 (left in the picture hereunder). One copy was purchased for 1,000 Reichsma

Albert Kraemer, Pelikangruppe

‘Pelikangruppe’ (‘Pelicans’)A cast of ‘Pelikangruppe’ was displayed at the GDK 1938, room 29, and at the ‘Frühjahrs-Ausstellung, Preussische Akademie der Künste’, 1939.One other cast -also

Arno Breker, Junges Europa, life-size

‘Junges Europa’, 1979 (‘Young Europe’)
Junge Mann mit Zeus-Attribut des Adlerkopfes.The German Olympic swimmer Walther Kusch stood as the model for this sculpture. In 1978 Kusch was the world champio

Carolus I, Relief by Lauchhammer

‘Carolus I’, relief by LauchhammerThe text in the centre reads: CAROLVS.I.D.G.DVX. MAN. E. M.F. E. C. Meaning: Carolus I Dei Gratia Dux Mantua et Monferrato, or Carlo I by the Grace of God Duke o

Claus Bergen, Gegen England

‘Gegen England’ (‘Against England’)U-Boat VII C in Heavy Seas with Junker 88 SquadronDepiction of a U-Boat pressing onward in a stormy, blue-green sea, accompanied by Junkers bombers. The original mas

Erich Kuhn, design of the Krupp Table-relief

Design of the ‘Krupp Table’-relief(Sold by auction house Hermann Historica) Massive bronze relief, weighting 100 kg with a diameter of 1,01 meter. This is the bronze design of

Ernst Kretschmann, Nach dem Kampf

‘Nach dem Kampf’ (‘After the battle’) Original poster from1940 with newspaper from 1933 on the backsideThis original poster from 1940 depicts a brave German soldier, aware of his duty, who is bandagin

Ernst Liebermann, Junges Mädchen

‘Junges Mädchen’ (‘Young Girl’)
‘Healthy Aryan flesh”There were the sensual and lingering nudes of Karl Truppe, Gerhardinger, Graf, Ernst Liebermann, Johann Kluska, Schult, Richard Klein,