Hans Bohrdt, Der Dampfsegler

‘Dampfsegler’ (‘Steamer-sailingship’)’Dampfsegler’ was a hybrid between a steamship and a commercial sailing ship. Using the engines and the sails at the same time, however, was impossible due to

Hans Frank, Adler

Adler (‘Eagle’)
A Radierung (etching) of an eagle on a fallen dead tree. Dated 1909, signed by the artist.

– condition
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Josef Hengge, Female Farmer

‘Bäuerin’ (‘Female farmer’)Created 1937.Perfect example of the ‘Blut und Boden’ styleThis portrait is attributed to Josef Hengge. On the backside is signed an attached paper ‘JoHengge München 8

Josef Hinterseher, Grabfigur

Josef Hinterseher, ‘Grabfigur’ (‘Grave Figur’), bronze.Monumental bronze of 2.20 meters high, 1.00 meter width and 1.00 meter length. Created in 1933 by Josef Hinterseher.Original model of ‘G

Leopold Schmutzler, Farm Girls

‘Arbeitsmaid vom Felde heimkehrend’ (‘Farm Girl Returning from the Fields’)In National Socialist art many paintings celebrated simple country life on their canvases, especially harvesting. They repres

Otto Schmidt-Hofer, Krieger

‘Krieger’ (‘Warrior’) This sculpture of Otto Schmidt-Hofer was probably made in the first two decades of the 20st century.Later, from 1930 onwards, Arno Breker developed this classical Greek/Roma

Paul Mathias Padua, Tiroler Gemeinderatssitzung

‘Tiroler Gemeinderatssitzung’ (‘Tiroler City Counsel Meeting’)’Tiroler Gemeinderatssitzung’ by Paul Matias Padua. Depicted in the magazine ‘Jugend’, 1937, number 33. Again depicted in ‘Jugend

Raffael Schuster-Woldan, Die Gefangene

‘Die Gefangene’ (‘The Prisoner’)Displayed at the GDK 1943 room 14.Created 1943.Unvarnished. Like Van Gogh, Raffael Schuster-Woldan did not varnish his works.’Die Gefangene’ by Schuster-Woldan, di

Richard Scheibe, Herabsteigende

‘Herabsteigende’ (‘Descending’)Displayed at the GDK 1944, room 30.Single unique cast (with the core still inside), see X-ray photos below. According to the archive of Haus der Kunst, the sculptur