Willy Kriegel, Die vier Tageszeiten

‘Die Vier Tageszeiten’ (‘The Four Parts of the Day’)This cyclus of four paintings of daytime beautifully depicts how the atmosphere changes during the day. The four paintings ‘Tageszeiten’ were or

Willy Kriegel, Waldstück


– condition
: II                    

– size
: unframed 31,8 x 25 cm 

Willy ter Hell, Hügellandschaft

‘Blick in eine Hügellandschaft’ (‘Hill landscape’)  This is (still) the typical landscape you see, when your driving throug Germany on the Autobahn.     

Wolfgang Willrich, Akt im Waldesinneren

Wolfgang Willrich, ‘Liegender weiblicher Akt im Waldesinneren’ (‘Reclining female nude in the woods’)
This is one of the very few oil paintings of Wolfang Wilrich. This large painting was the cent