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Newsletters & Newsflashes

Newsletter, April 2020
‘A Strange New Beauty’, how National Socialist Art is changed into Modern Art.
The Petzel Gallery in New York, January to March 2002.

Newsletter, August 2019
Der Spiegel about the ‘Nolde-effect’: ‘Time for a New Look at Nazi Art’.

Newsletter, February 2018 
Looted art treated with double standards: the Louvre returns art stolen by the Nazis, but does not return art stolen by the French state.

Newsletter, June 2017
The Museum Maillol in Paris organises the exhibition ’21 rue La Boétie’ from March 2 – 23 July. At this exhibition 6 works are displayed, which previously were shown at the ‘Great German Art Exhibitions’ from 1938 to 1944.

Newsletter, January 2017
The Spectator about the exhibition in the Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich.
‘The end of a 70-years paradigm?’

Newsflash, January 2017
The Guardian about The Royal Academy showcasting Russian art from the age of Lenin.
‘We must not overlook that his regime’s totalitarian violence rivalled nazism’.

Newsletter, November 2016
Bild newspaper about the discovery by German Art Gallery of 4 Third Reich Bronzes in the backyard of the Ministery of Finance in Berlin. One of them is the historical ‘Jüngling, Erde’, by Joseph Wackerle, once located in the Old Reich Chancellery. 

Neswflash, November 2017
Deutsche Welle about the exhibition ‘Artige Kunst‘ in the Museum Situation Kunst.
Three paintings in possession of German Art Gallery on display: works by Hans Schmitz-Wiedenbrück, Sepp Happ and Ivo Salinger.

Newsflash, May 2015
Daily Mail about the discovered Thorak Horses.
‘Believed for years they were distroyed in the final days of World War II.‘

Newsflash, May 2015
i24 News about the Pinakothek in Munich displaying Thoraks ‘Zwei Menschen’.
‘..some visitors will still prefer Thorak’s and Ziegler’s works over abstract modern art.’

Newsflash, April 2014
Newsweek about Churchill and Hitler as artists.
‘The duel continuous through their paintings.’

Newsflash, October 2011
Spiegel about the new online database with Third Reich Art.
‘…images that reveal Hitler’s true aspirations for contemporary art.’

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