August Bischoff, Bogenschütze

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‘Bogenschütze’ (‘The Archer’) 
Bronze, created in the 1930s.
Height 126 cm.


– condition : II
– size : height  126 cm (x 70 x 36 cm) 
– signed : signed at base ‘Aug. Bischoff’
– type : bronze

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BIOGRAPHY: August Bischoff

August Bischoff, ‘Siegfried’. Bronze, height 220 cm. Sold by a German auction house in 2014. A plaster cast of Siegfried was displayed at the GDK 1940.

August Bischoff, ‘Siegfried’, plaster cast displayed at the GDK 1940 room 2. Sold for 9,000 Reichsmark to Hugo Schneider A.G., Leipzig. 

August Bischoff, ‘Bockenheimer Denkmal, Frankfurt-Sachsenhausen. Memorial commemorating Dr.  Jacob Hermann Bockenheimer (1837–1908). Revealed at 16 October 1932. Melted down in 1942, an after cast was installed in 1949. 

August Bischoff, two large figures executed in concrete, symbolizing Labor and Trade, on the façade of the Mainhafen in Hanau. Created in 1926, restored in 2017.


Left: August Bischoff, ‘Grabmal der Familie Oppermann‘ (‘Grave of the Oppermann-family‘), located at the Hauptfriedhof Frankfurt (Carl Julius Oppermann: 1845 – 1918).
Right: August Bischoff, ‘Grabmal Faimlie Kühn und Familie Schack‘, Frankfurt-Fechenheim. Grave of the Kühn and Schack families’ (Karl Kühn 1841 – 1899; Karl Schack 1865 – 1901).

August Bischoff, ‘World War I Memorial’, 1929. Located in Dorfweil.

August Bischoff, ‘Akt’ (‘Female Nude‘), bronze. Height 51 cm. Sold by a Danish auction house in 2018.

August Bischoff, ‘Amazone mit Pferd’ (‘Amazon with Horse’), bronze. Created in the 1920s. Height 47 cm, cast by ‘Düsseldf. Broncebildgiesserei G.M.B.H.’.

August Bischoff, ‘Merkur auf Füllhorn‘ (‘Mercury with Horn of Plenty’). Bronze, height 29 cm.

August Bischoff, ‘Reiterfigur zum Heldengedenken‘ (‘Horseman, -commemorative sculpture‘). Bronze, size 68 x 59 cm. Sold by a German auction house in 2017.

August Bischoff
August Bischoff (1876 – 1965), born in Hanau as the son of an engraver/ diecutter, was a German sculptor. He studied from 1890 – 1896 at the Staatlichen Zeichenakademie in Hanau, and from 1901 – 1904 at the Städelschen Kunstinstitut in Frankfurt am Main under i. a. the sculptor Friedrich Christoph Hausmann. From 1897 onwards he worked in his own atelier in Frankfurt; initially he produced templates for the precious metal industry in Hanau. Bischoff made study trips to Paris, Rome, Berlin and Dresden. He was a member of the Frankfurt Sculptor Association.
Bischoff is known for his war memorials in Arnoldshain, Dorfweil, Frankfurt/ Dreiköningskirche, Hanau, Michelstadt and Bad Vibel Gronau. He created several graves for prominent families, i.a. the ‘Grabmal Familie Carl Oppermann‘, ‘Grabmal Familie Carl Gottschalk’, the ‘Grabmal Maria Bischoff’ and ‘Grabmal Familie Kühn und Familie Schack‘.
His public works included the ‘Dr.-Bockenheimer-Brunnen‘ (1932), two large figures executed in concrete, symbolizing Labor and Trade, on the façade of the Mainhafen in Hanau (1926),  the ’Enten-Brunnen‘ in Hausen, the large sculpture ‘Wiederaufbau’ located in the Landesarbeitsamt, and a large stone relief (170 x 90 cm) of the composer Engelbert Humperdinck and the 19th century psychiatrist/poet Heinrich Hoffmann (1952).
Bischoff also created a series of bronze bust, including two busts of  Georg Wolff and Hugo Birkner; both in the possession of the Historischen Museum Hanau.
In 1939, 1940, 1941 and 1943, Bischoff participated in the Great German Art Exhibitions; in 1940 he displayed the impressive over life size sculpture ‘Siegfried’ (plaster, later executed in bronze) and in 1941 a portrait of Hans Georg Hofmann (1873 – 1942), -major general and NSDAP-politican.
August Bischoff died in 1965 in Frankfurt am Main.