Adolf Reich, Crossing the Dnjestr River

‘Crossing the Dnjestr River’This painting by Adolf Reich, one of his first works as regiments-painter, was printed on a full page in the ‘Österreichs Illustrierte Zeitung’, a weekly magazine bas

Adolf Reich, English-French Defeat in Macedonia

‘Zur grossen English-Französichen Niederlage in Mazedonien’ (‘the Great Defeate of the English and French in Macedonia’)This painting by Adolf Reich, one of his first works as regiments-painter,&nbsp

Adolf Reich, Hofbräuhaus, Schwemme

‘Hofbräuhaus – Schwemme’ Signed 1939: a splendid depiction of ‘Europe at the brink of the greatest catastrophe in history’.Depicted on postcards issued by the Hofbräuhaus.The historical Schwemm

Adolf Reich, Hofbräuhaus, waitresses, diptych

Adolf Reich, diptych, ‘Hofbräuhaus-waitresses’.Two paintings depicting waitresses at the Hofbräuhaus in Munich. One painting was printed on a postcard issued by the Hofbräuhaus. A text on the

Adolf Reich, Oberpfälzer Bauern

‘Oberpfälzer Bauern’ (‘Famers from Upper Palatinate’) Upper Palatinate is one of the seven administrative districts of Bavaria (located in the east part).Painting in large format.

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Adolf Wissel, Förster

‘Förster’ (‘Forester’)Created 1937.’Förster’, a portrait with a background of hilly agricultural land, is a typical depiction of Adolf Wissel (see, for example also ‘Jungmädel’ and his self-portrai

Albert Reich, Im Felde Unbesiegt

‘Im felde Unbesiegt’ (‘Undefeated on the battlefield), 1918Dolchstoss Legende (Stab-in-the-back myth)The Dolchstoß Legende is the notion, widely believed in right-wing circles in Germany after 1

Alfons Schneider, Karwendel

‘Bergkreuz im Karwendel’ (‘Karwendel Mountains’)The painting shows in the background the Karwendel, a rocky mountain formation in Tirol, Austria, near the German border and close to Mittenwald, where

Alfons Schneider, Sylvesternacht 1941

‘Sylvesternacht 1941’ (‘New Year’s Eve 1941′)Monumental painting, displayed at the GDK 1942 room 13.Size 125% x 149 cm.’Sylvesternacht 1941’ by Schneider was also displayed at the exhibition ‘Na