Sepp Hilz, Damen Portrait

‘Damen Portrait’ (‘Portrait of a Lady’) 

– condition
: III                 

– size
: 35

Sepp Hilz, Junge Frau

‘Junge Frau’ (‘Young Woman’)

– condition
: II                     

– size
: 37 x

Werner Peiner, Der Acker

‘Deutsche Erde’ (‘German Soil’ or ‘Terra Tedesca’)A photo of this specific, individual period print is published at page 26 of the ‘Anselm Kiefer’ art catalogue 2014 of the ‘Royal

Werner Peiner, Der Heumond, 1943

‘Heumond’ (‘Hay-Moon’)Date of creation: 1943.The painting hung until 2014 in Haus Vorst, the country house of Werner Peiner. Depicted is the ideal German farmer-landscape. 

Werner Peiner, Die Schlacht im Teutoburger Walde

‘Die Schlacht im Teutoburger Walde’ (‘Battle in the Teutoburger Forest’)This is an original design by Werner Peiner for a huge Gobelin tapestry for the Marble Gallery of the Neue Kanzlei. It depi