Lebenslauf, Relief by Lauchhammer

‘Lebenslauf’ (‘Path of Life’), relief by LauchhammerBronze, created between 1925 and 1945. With the Lauchhammer foundry mark (photo at the left) which was only used between 1925 and 194

Louis Tuaillon, Friedrich der Grosse

‘Das Urteil des Paris’ (‘The Judgement of Paris’)Bronze relief by Lauchhammer.Created last decade. Diameter 58 cm, 13,8 kilogram.Depicted is ‘Das Urteil des Paris‘ (‘The Judgement of Paris’).

Ottmar Obermaier, Der Sieger

– THIS OBJECT IS STOLEN -It disapeared during transport by DPD in April 2014 (location Hilversum, The Netherlands). We are offering a 2.000 Euro reward for anyone with information leading to

Otto Rost, Badende

‘Badende’ (‘Bathing’)Weight 32,2 kg.An identical bronze cast of ‘Badende’ was displayed at the GDK 1940 room 36. It was bought for 2.000 Reichsmark by the ‘Reichsjugendführung’ in Berlin, headed by R

Otto Schmidt-Hofer, The Enemy Below

‘Der Feind Unten’ (‘The enemy Below’) This sculpture of Otto Schmidt-Hofer was probably made in the early 1920s.Later, from 1930 onwards, Arno Breker developed this classical Greek/Roman style fu

Richard Scheibe, Der Denker

‘Der Denker’ (‘The Thinker’)Bronze. Height 95 cm, excluding marble base 88 cm.Created 1937.Left: a similar cast of ‘Der Denker’ (also 88 cm high) is displayed in the permanent exhibition of

Theodor Georgii, Diana

‘Diana’Commisioned by the Siemens family, and placed in 1912 in Villa Siemens (Villa Apuana) in Forte dei Marmi, Italy.Bronze, height 145 cm, created in 1912.Villa Siemens/ Villa ApuanaTheod

Unknown artist, Hindenburg relief

Hindenburg reliefDer Befreier Ostpreussens, Fieldmarschall von HindenburgPaul Ludwig Hans Anton von Beneckendorff und von Hindenburg, also known as Paul von Hindenburg, was the heroic Chief of th

Walther Wolff, Ehrenplakette Hindenburg

‘Ehrenplakette Hindenburg’ (‘Hindenburg, Plague of Honour’)Signed ‘W Wolff’, 35’.At the back ‘Gesetzlich Geschützt’ (‘Protected by Law’).Cast by foundry Württembergische Metallwarenfa

Wilhelm Tank, Speerwerferin

‘Speerwerferin’ (‘Female Javelin-thrower’)This cast was especially created for javelin thrower Ulla Rothhaus. In August 1937, Ulla Rothhaus won silver at the International University Games held i