August Wilhelm Goebel, Blumenpflückerin

‘Blumenpflückerin’ (‘Donna che coglie Fiori’, or ‘Woman picking Flowers’)  Displayed in 1943 at the exhibition ‘Düsseldorfer Künstler in Florence’: the ‘Esposizione d’arte contempora

August Wilhelm Goebel, Das Lied

‘Das Lied’ (‘The Song’)August Wilhelm Goebel, ‘Das Lied’, depicted in ‘August Wilhelm Goebel,-ein Meister der Plastik’, Düsseldorf, 1948.

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August Wilhelm Goebel, Die Arbeit

‘Die Arbeit’ (‘Labor’)Single unique cast, with the core still inside (see X-ray photos below).Displayed at the Grosse Berliner Kunstausstellung 1924.Depicted in ‘Velhagen & Klasing Monatsheft

August Wilhelm Goebel, Gudrun (marble)

‘Gudrun’, major figure in Germanic heroic legend and literatureExecuted in marble.Height 58 cm; height including original wooden sockel 178 cm.Left: total height 178 cm.Right: the marbl

August Wilhelm Goebel, Norne (carara marble)

‘Norne’ (Goddess of Fate and Destiny)Carara marble.Height: 94 cm.A same copy of ‘Norne’, also in marble and also 94 cm high, was displayed at the ‘GAU-Ausstellung Westfalen-Süd, VII.

August Wilhelm Goebel, Norne (zinc-warcast)

‘Norne’, Goddes of Fate and DestinyDisplayed in 1942 at the ‘Winterausstellung Düsseldorfer Künstler’ (‘Winter Exhibition of Düsseldorfer Artists’), in the Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, 13-12-1

August Wilhelm Goebel, Sinnen (carara marble)

‘Sinnen’ (‘Consideration’)Displayed at the Grosse Deutsche Kunstausstellung 1943, saal 17.Life-size marble sculpture.August Wilhelm Goebel, ‘Sinnen’. GDK 1943, room 17. ‘Sinnen

Bernhard Bleeker, Ludwig III, King of Bavaria

‘Ludwig III, Koenig von Bayern’ (‘Ludwig III, King of Bavaria’)Bronze relief of the Last King of Bavaria, who reigned until 1918.Created in 1914.Displayed at the ‘Erste Frühjahrs Ausstellun

Coat of Arms of the House of Bismarck

‘Coat of Arms of the House of Bismarck’ (‘Wappenschild der Familie von Bismarck’)
Large cast-iron relief measuring 77 x 76 cm.Weight 26,4 kg.Date of creation 1880-1890.Cast assumably by Carlsh