Arno Breker, Akt

‘Verliebtes Mädchen’, 1977 (‘Girl in Love’)Nr. 004.

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Arno Breker, Sinnende

‘Sinnende’ (‘Revery’)Created 1922.Terracotta. This rare terracotta sculpture is from 1922. It is one of the first ‘Mädchen’ sculptures of Arno Breker. Beginning in 1920 Breker studied

Arno Breker, Du und Ich

‘Du und Ich’ (‘You and Me’) ARA-Marble in Terracotta.Size 75 x 41.One of a serie of 50.The original large plaster model of 1944, measuring 2.32 by 1.28 meters, was displayed in the

Arno Breker, Du und Ich (original marble)

‘Du und Ich’Single unique marble relief.Size 75,5 x 41,5 cm.Signed. This original marble relief assumably served as the model for the 100 identical post war casts of ‘ARA-marble’ (c

Arno Breker, Junges Europa, life-size

‘Junges Europa’, 1979 (‘Young Europe’)
Junge Mann mit Zeus-Attribut des Adlerkopfes.The German Olympic swimmer Walther Kusch stood as the model for this sculpture. In 1978 Kusch was the world champio

Arno Breker, Kameraden

Kameraden (‘Comrades’) The dramatic sculpture depicts a standing caped man, defiant in his expression, supporting his clearly grievously wounded comrade-in-arms who is unconscious and rests in his fri