Arthur Kampf, Mit Mann und Ross und Wagen

‘Mit Mann und Ross und Wagen’Lithography’Mit Mann und Ross und Wagen, so hat sie Gott geschlagen’, which Arthur Kampf created in 1896, depicts the defeated French soldiers coming back (to Germany

Arthur Kampf, Portrait of Soldier

‘Portrait of a Solder’Preliminary sketch for ‘Mit Mann und Ross und Wagen, so hat sie Gott geschlagen’ (lost).Created around 1895.This painting is a preliminary sketch for the famous pa

Arthur Kampf, Frau in Blauem Tuch

‘Frau in Blauem Tuch’ (‘Woman in a Blue Shawl’)The oak leaves are a traditional German national symbol associated with patriotism and military prowess.Displayed at the ‘Frühjahrs-Ausstellung, Pr

Arthur Kampf, Good Friday

‘Karfreitag in einer französischen Kirche’ (‘Good Friday in a French Church’) Offered here is a lithography. The original painting, created in 1915, hung in the Great German Art Exhibition of 1939, S