Erich Mercker, Bau der neuen Reichskanzlei

‘Bau der neuen Reichskanzlei’ (‘Construction of the New Reich Chancellery’)Smaller version of Merckers painting displayed at the GDK 1940 room 12 (which is in the possession of the U.S. Army Cent

Erich Mercker, Die Stätte des 9. November

‘Die Stätte des 9. November’ (‘The City of the 9th November’) Depicted is the exact location of the Hitler Putsch at 9 November 1923. Created before July 1944 (the stamp on the

Erich Mercker, Drachenlochbrücke

‘Drachenlochbrücke’ ‘Most Beautiful Highway of Germany’; construction of the Drachenloch Bridge, near Stuttgart. Nowadays a protected landmark.Large format (120 x 100 cm), created in 1936/37.Dis

Erich Mercker, Feldherrnhalle

‘Feldherrnhalle’The Feldherrhalle depicted with the Bavarian Flag. After the ‘Machtergreifung’ (the Nazi seizure of power) in Bavaria at 9 March 1933, the Bavarian Flag was changed for the Nazi-fl