Fritz Röll, Adam und Eva

‘Adam und Eva’‘The ancient eternal German Couple Adam and Eve by Fritz Röll’. Bronzes, designed in ancient Gothic style. Created in 1935.Casts of the bronze couple ‘Adam und Eva’ by Fritz Rö

Fritz Röll, Sandal Binder, bronze

‘Sandalenbinder’ (‘Sandal Binder’)Bronze, created in 1910. Single unique cast, with core still inside (see X-ray photos below).In 1909 Fritz Röll was awarded the Great State Prize of the Pr

Fritz Röll, Sandal Binder, marble

‘Sandalenbinder’ (‘Sandel Binder’)Created in marble, life-size.Displayed under the name ‘Jünglingsfigur’ at the Great German Art Exhibition 1939, room 24 (depicted in the exhibition catalogue).Bought