Jakob Wilhelm Fehrle, Eos (lime-stone)

Jakob Wilhelm Fehrle, ‘Eos’Depicted in the book ‘Jakob Wilhelm Fehrle’, Stuttgart, 1947, page 46.Sunk relief in lime-stone (versenktes relief in Kalkstein).Date of creation: 1945.Depicted

Jakob Wilhelm Fehrle, Spielende Pferde

‘Spielende Pferde’ (‘Playing Horses’)Massive relief, weighting 21 kilogram, executed in pure copper.This relief, which is 1 cm centimeter thick, is an electrotype copy (or galvanoplasty) of the origin

Jakob Wilhelm Fehrle, Standing Nude with Towel

‘Standing Nude with Towel’ (‘Stehender weiblicher Akt mit Tuch’)The model was probably created between 1911 and 1914, when Fehrle kept an atelier in Paris, where he met artists like Georg Kolbe,