Josef Thorak, Rosalind Sild

‘Bust of Rosalind Sild’ (from ‘Haus Sild’ in Vienna)Created 1914. In the same year, at an age of 25 years, Thorak was awarded the ‘Österreichische Goldene Staatsmedaille für künstler

Josef Thorak, Schreitendes Pferd

‘Schreitendes Pferd’ (‘Walking Horse’)Original bronze sculpture by Josef Thorak, identical in shape and form as the larger two Thorak-horses from the Neue Reichskanzlei, but on a smaller scale.Di

Josef Thorak, Die Badende

‘Die badende’ (‘Bathing’)The surface of the sculpture is somewhat rough and less smooth as was popular in the Third Reich, indicating a date of creation earlier than 1937.


Josef Thorak, Kleine Tänzerin

‘Weibliche Torso’ (‘Female Torso’)Single unique cast, with core still inside (see X-ray photos below).Only two casts are known to exist. This is the original model with the core still inside