Raffael Schuster-Woldan, Maler und Modell

‘Maler und Modell’ (‘Painter and Model’) Painted in a very similar style as Schuster-Woldans work ‘Der Maler’ (‘the Painter’), GDK 1941 room 3, bought by Hitler for 35.000 RM. 

Raffael Schuster-Woldan, Memento Vivere

‘Memento Vivere’ (‘Remember to Live’)Displayed at the ‘VIII Internationalen Kunstausstellung im Köninglichen Glaspalast zu München‘, 1901.Depicted in the official Glaspalast-exhibition cata

Raffael Schuster-Woldan, Die Gefangene

‘Die Gefangene’ (‘The Prisoner’)Displayed at the GDK 1943 room 14.Created 1943.Unvarnished. Like Van Gogh, Raffael Schuster-Woldan did not varnish his works.’Die Gefangene’ by Schuster-Woldan, di

Raffael Schuster-Woldan, Frauenbildnis

‘Frauenbildnis’More than 25 of the paintings in the Great German Art Exhibitions of Raffael Schuster-Woldan depicted women (in a style similar to this work).Date of creation: approx. 1935.