Werner Peiner, Deutsche Erde

‘Deutsche Erde’ (‘German Soil’ or ‘Terra Tedesca’)A photo of this specific, individual period print is published at page 26 of the ‘Anselm Kiefer’ art catalogue 2014 of the ‘Royal

Werner Peiner, Die Schlacht im Teutoburger Walde

‘Die Schlacht im Teutoburger Walde’ (‘Battle in the Teutoburger Forest’)This is an original design by Werner Peiner for a huge Gobelin tapestry for the Marble Gallery of the Neue Kanzlei. It depi

Werner Peiner, Eifel Landscape

‘Eifel Landscape’ (‘Eifel Landschaft’)  This painting by Werner Peiner depicts the farmland of the Eifel, which was also the subject of the famous paintings ‘Deutsche Erde’ and ‘Grosse Herbstland

Werner Peiner, Heumond, 1943

‘Heumond’ (‘Hay-Moon’)Date of creation: 1943.The painting hung until 2014 in Haus Vorst, the country house of Werner Peiner. Depicted is the ideal German farmer-landscape. 

Werner Peiner, Staffelsee

‘Staffelsee’This painting by Werner Peiner depicts the Staffelsee, near Murnau in Bavaria. In the clouds, bly sky and landscape one easily recoqnises the tipical style of Pein

Werner Peiner, African Antelope

‘Afrikanische Antilope’ (‘African Antelope’) Stunning example of the Magic Realisme-styleThe African Antelope (Taurotragus Oryx), also known as the southern eland or eland antelope, is